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The Object Relations Institute or Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis is a non-profit NY State Chartered Educational
Institute, which was founded in 1991. Our training programs include a few programs for matriculated students who
are enrolled in psychoanalytic & psychotherapeutic tracks, while there are various introductory courses offered for
new mental health practitioners and interested public, and also courses for experienced clinicians of any school of
psychoanalytic thought who wish to enhance their practice by application of the Object Relations theory.

The Object Relations Institute offers certificate programs in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with
a special curriculum featuring the teaching of the British and American Object Relations theorists and their clinical
applications. The curriculum stresses preoedipal stage psychopathology contributing to character disorders, and
modifications and elaborations in Freudian theory and technique made by object relations theorists. Object relations
theorists have contributed to deepening our understanding of psychical structures and offer us techniques for
dealing with clients who were thought to be unreachable.

This unique curriculum conducted in small group and class settings provides the candidate with the whole experiential
dimension of learning related to the processing of  "objective countertransference" feelings, associations, and visceral
experiences. These issues are seen as the key to understanding the split off and dissociated aspects of the
psychotherapy or psychoanalytic patient, as the clinician sits in the room with him or her. This experiential study
takes place in supervision groups, which highlight the group process as a medium for the learning personal development
process. In-depth communication between candidates in each class is encouraged in relation to their internal processing
of their clinical work.

One Year Object Relations Day Program for Practicing Clinicians & for New Graduates
of the Training Institutes

(Download Application Here)

Curriculum consists of five 7-week semesters (total 35 weeks) of theoretical part which is accompanied by the “Analyst
as Instrument” group supervision component.

Students of this program will benefit from experiential learning of how to process “objective countertransference,” and
of concepts of the “transitional space” & “transitional object,” “holding environment,” “psychic container,” and
“projective identification.”

For more information about this program, please contact our Institute’s Founder & Executive Director,
Susan Kavaler-Adler, PhD, ABPP, NCPsyA at 212-674-5425 and/ or DrKavalerAdler@gmail.com


Four Year Certificate Training Program in Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

(Download Application Here)

This program was re-structured in 2010-2011 academic year, to accommodate the applicants who wish to obtain the
full-certificate psychoanalytic training at their own pace.

This Program’s unique curriculum features the supervision groups where the group process is used as a learning medium.
The experiential dimension of psychoanalytic learning is introduced here, and it includes processing of “objective
countertransference” feelings, associations, and visceral experiences.

Some of the featured courses of the four-year program: Download curriculum here

One Year Object Relations Evening Program: Introduction to the Object
Relations Theory & Clinical Technique

(Download Application Here)

This Program consists of three 10-week trimesters of the theoretical part which is accompanied by a complementary
“Analyst as Instrument” group supervision component.

One Year Clinical Mentorship Program for Psychotherapists & Psychoanalysts

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For more information about One Year Intro, One Year Supervisory, & Four Year Certificate Program:
please contact our Chair of Admissions, Audrey Ashendorf, LCSW @212-684-2097 and/ or ashendorf@earthlink.net



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