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Date: March 1, 2015; Time: 12pm to 3pm (Including Q&A and Networking)

Place: 201 West 70th Street @ Amsterdam Ave #8J, NY 10023.

At this meeting/ seminar, we will enjoy the following two presentations:

Ona Lindquist: “Swimming In Space: A clinical presentation in verse – working with a schizophrenic patient.”

The chaos that is my patient, Jacinto’s world, was reflected in my experience of pulling this presentation together. Notes upon notes- undated, unnumbered; windows open, breezes blowing yellow pages everywhere. Session after session seemed to unravel more often than unfold. At risk of fragmenting myself, I began, unbidden, to organize this experience of chaos into verse, representing my early effort to survive as a therapist in the room with Jacinto. 

Antonio Alvim: "From earthquakes to good vibes: Transformations through a Resonance Process."

The vicissitudes of an analytic psychotherapy process with a 6 years old girl suffering from severe epileptic seizures since birth, with consequent general development impairment, are exposed and discussed. The therapist’s ability to learn his patient’s language behind words through his rêverie capability is proposed as a key aspect in the process of transforming the traumatic experience of uncontainable and unthinkable threatening emotions. More than words, the analytic process unfolds gradually through the analyst’s availability to engage in a deep internal working through of being with the patient, and from his capacity to learn from the patient’s experience – the import of this resonance process being proportional to the severity of trauma.

Short Bios of the presenters:

Ona Lindquist, LCSW, is a psychoanalyst and senior supervisor in private and clinic practice in New York City specializing in work with creative and performing artists. When she entered her second analysis in 2002 she began reading and writing poetry. Among her publications is What a Blackbird Told Me is Real and Alive, musings on the useful relationship between reading/ writing poetry and practicing psychoanalysis, in International Forum for Psychoanalysis, 2012. Before becoming an analyst, she was a practicing visual artist. She recently archived on line her major work from the1980’s, Objets Vend’art by Vendona, which can be found on the website, objetsvendart.com .

Antonio Alvim, AP, is a psychoanalyst/ psychodramatist who lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Antonio employs the object relations Bionian approach working with children who suffered psychological and psycho-neurological trauma. Antonio’s paper had won the 1st Prize in the competition of papers presented by candidates in analytic training – at the 2014th International Forum of Psychoanalytic Societies (Kaunas, Lithuania).

To RSVP, please contact: Sandra Indig, LCSW-R, LP, ATR-CB

State Chair, Creativity & Transformation Committee

@ psych4arts@hotmail.com or @ internCCT@gmail.com

Please use the subject line: March 1st RSVP. This event is free, but RSVP is required.


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